First Class Cigarettes

In 1492 when Christopher Columbus discovered the new world he watched with great interest and surprised the admiration how the native Indians hand rolled the leaves of a plant and smoked which was at that time unknown to the Spaniards. He tried it. He loved it, then he introduced it to his Countrymen, they were extremely seduced by that plant, that seduction spread throughout the World ever since.

Five centuries later First Class was born; its founder still dedicated to the continuation of this tradition to produce the most outstanding quality tobacco, supreme presentation, and good value for money. We cordially invite you to test our cigarettes and be the connoisseurs of your own taste. We are confident, you will be inspired, satisfied, seduced like the Spaniards.

First Class Cigarettes in four flavours
American Full Flavour
American Light Flavour

Virginia Full Flavour

Virginia Light Flavour

Health Warning: Smoking is a main cause of lung cancer, lung diseases and of heart arteries disease

Packing Specification.

  1. 20 Cigarettes into One Packet
  2. 10 Packets Of 20 Cigarettes Packed Into Poly film Carton Totaling 200 Cigarettes
  3. 50 Cartons of 200 Cigarettes Into Export Cartons Totaling 10.000 Cigarett

Available in the following blends in tar, nicotine, & CO

Super American BlendTar 11 mg. Nicotine 0.8 mg. CO 11 mg.
Super American Blend
Lights Tar 09 mg. Nicotine 0.8 mg. CO 09 mg.
Super Virginia BlendTar 11 mg. Nicotine 1.0 mg. CO 11 mg.
Super Virginia Blend LightsTar 9 mg Nicotine 0.8 mg per CO 9 mg.

Content Of 20” Foot Container500 Cartons.
Content Of 40” Foot Container1070 Cartons
Production DateAvailable
Expiry DateAvailable
Certificate of FreshnessAvailable
Health WarningAvailable
Delivery 45 – 60 Days.
Minimum orderOne 20’’ Foot Container Load.

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